Recurring PayPal Subscriptions Discontinued

Nov 28, 2018 | Announcements

As of today all NAVAO Recurring Memberships with PayPal have been stopped. This only applies to those members with automatic yearly subscriptions.

How This Will Affect You

You will not lose any access to the NAVAO website over the next several months. We have converted your recurring membership to an annual membership which will expire on Jan 31, 2019. When the PayPal memberships are cancelled you should also receive a notification from PayPal indicating such.

New Recurring Memberships

NEW FOR 2019!! NAVAO will now be offering a $5 discount on your annual registration when you subscribe for a new recurring membership! All new memberships must be completed by Jan 31. No recurring memberships will be offered after this date. We will notify you when the membership drive has begun and you may register.

Questions or Problems?

If you encounter any further PayPal charges please inform the NAVAO finance committee. Additionally, If you have any questions or concerns about your previous or current membership please contact the NAVAO technology committee.