Jan 12, 2019 | Optometry HQ Announcements

As most of you know, folks with relationships with for profit educational institutions (including simply taking classes) but also including receiving gifts, wages, other services, or owning stock must file a waiver to continue to pursue these relationships.  As you also know, the law changed on 9/29/2018, and therefore all educational resources, products, waiver algorithms and training materials are in the process of being updated.

The national workgroup has devised a very efficient mechanism of trying to determine whether any person in VA must file a waiver.

The process (starting likely March 2019 or thereabouts) will be as follows:

      1. A short survey about relationships with for profit educational institutions will be appended to the Government Ethics TMS training. This will be part of the required annual Government Ethics curriculum.
      2. Every employee will take annual Government Ethics training when due, and will take the short survey.  From there, every employee will know if they need to file a waiver in the Waiver Portal.
      3. There will be links to additional educational materials and also to the main waiver portal from the survey.
      4. VHA, VBA and OGC have all approved this plan to go forward.