Memorandum: Modification to Coding Requirements for Electronic Consults and Asynchronous Teleconsultative (Telehealth) Care

Jan 8, 2020 | Optometry HQ Announcements

  • A link has been created on the Master Document Library Click Here
  • New Supplements for Tele Dermatology and Tele Eye Care will be released soon that fully cover all clinic set up and coding.
  • Please share with local HIMS or those that may update your encounter forms if needed at your site, some sites have conveyed this code is already in place and available for use.
  • The memo gives guidance on providers using CPT code 99451 for asynchronous store and forward telehealth reading/interpretation for teleconsultation.
  • This is applicable for all tele consultation, e.g. Teledermatology, and Tele Eye Screening/Teleretinal
  • For the sites that do telemedicine Store and Forward Tele dermatology, National HIMS has given the go ahead to use this code as well.
  • For Telemedicine SFT, such as procedural interpretations of an EEG through store and forward telehealth, or Tele Sleep, HSATs, the current procedural CPT codes should continue to be used.  For more specific specialty questions then what I have stated above, please feel free to reach out to your local HIMS for determination, or feel free to email me to discuss.
  • **It is of Note that for clinical reminders for Diabetic Retinopathy Surveillance, tied to the HEDIS Measure (Retinal exam, timely by disease (OP) (dmg31h)/Reminder and your local facility’s clinical reminder is closed with a CPT code, then you need to share this new CPT code with your local CAC or Clinical reminders team to have it added to the logic that would close the reminder. (Some sites use CPT codes, some use other methods, check with local CAC or clinical reminders group.
  • Please note the associated RVU with this new CPT code.  This will be equated with a level 3 face to face visit of 1.88 wRVU in the VHA provider productivity cubes, starting 1/1/2020.  This is a positive for the Asynchronous telehealth program and shows the value in this work.

Contact below for any questions:
Sara DeRycke-Brawdy, MHCA (
Asynchronous Telehealth Lead/VACO
Office of Connected Care/Telehealth Services (10A7D)
Veterans Health Administration