Scleral Lens Disinfection Update from Scleral Lens Education Society

Mar 11, 2020 | Optometry HQ Announcements

In response to the effort to reduce COVID-19 transmission, we remind all practitioners proper scleral lens disinfection and hygiene techniques.

Scleral Lens In-Office Disinfection Recommendations
The SLS current guidelines for scleral lens diagnostic set disinfection are developed based on standards set by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American Optometric Association (AOA).

Current SLS recommendations for in-office SL disinfection (for practitioners):

  • Scleral lenses should be disinfected after each patient encounter.
  • Recommended disinfection is 3-hours soaking in 3% H2O2* approved for use with contact lenses, without the neutralization disc. Then rinse with multi-purpose GP cleaner and store dry.
  • Contact lens storage cases should be replaced every 3 months.

*Note: Heat disinfection is NOT recommended with rigid GP materials.

Patient at-home Disinfection Recommendations
Current SLS recommendations for daily disinfection of SL (for patients):

  • Hand-washing with rubbing for at least 25 seconds prior to scleral lens handling.
  • Lenses should be removed and disinfected nightly. Do NOT sleep in scleral lenses.
  • Case and lens application tools should be rinsed, towel dried and left in open space to dry after each use, and replaced monthly.

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