COVID-19 Information (updated 1/04/21)

Jan 4, 2021 | Announcements

The CMS’s specific guidance on reopening facilities to provide nonemergent and non-COVID-19 health care is in effect. Under this framework, state-by-state decisions will guide when and how doctors and practices can resume delivery of complete, comprehensive care.

Each individual VA facility, along with their Network Directors’ leadership, is currently developing a response to resume care .  Please work with local leadership to communicate your clinic’s needs.

The following VA Guidance for COVID-19 Related Care can be found on the Optometry Service News Page:

  • Updated COVID FAQs for Education (01/04/21)
  • Moving Forward update: Guidance for Resumption of Procedures for Non-Urgent and Elective Indications & PPE in Ambulatory Care Settings (09/23/20)
  • Moving Forward Guidebook (06/10/20)
  • Guidance on COVID-19 testing for veterans and employees (05/15/20)
  • Post-COVID Optometry Triage and Risk Priority Level Scheduling (05/14/20)
  • VA Three-Phase Plan for Post-COVID-19 Operations (04/28/20)
  • Guidance for VA outpatient care (04/01/20)

Please refer to the following sites for additional COVID-19 information: