Practice of Telehealth by Health Professions Trainees (HPTs)

Jan 4, 2021 | Optometry HQ Announcements

  1. With the announcement on 12/4/2020 that properly supervised HPTs are now authorized to practice telehealth across stateliness (see attached OAA announcement), the previously released HPT telehealth permissions algorithm has been revised. The new version found at this linked attachment: Revised HPT telehealth algorithm
  2. OAA has developed a new section of the OAA Help Desk to address questions related to the use of telehealth by HPTs.

If you have any questions about permissions or expectations related to the use of telehealth in your training programs, please contact the Help Desk at this link:

In the Category prompt, please select “Telehealth for Health Professions Trainees

Your question will be routed to the OAA Telehealth Advisory Group:

Jeff Bates, Ph.D.

Janet Campbell, DNP

Dean Giacobbe, MD FASA

Joel Schmidt, Ph.D

OAA announcement permitting telehealth across statelines