March Low Vision Work Group Meeting

Jun 29, 2021 | Low Vision Conference Call Minutes, Workgroups

March Low Vision Work Group Meeting

Please use link below to view the video. For easier browsing, please refer to the Topic discussion table below (Hr:min:sec)

Watch “Special Topic Discussion: ‘Legal Blindness Determination” | Microsoft Stream

Additionally, Dr. Lewerenz has generously shared his slides with the group: Statutory Blindness 

You have statutory blindness only if your visual disorder meets the criteria of 2.02or 2.03A. You do not have statutory blindness if your visual disorder medically equals the criteria of 2.02or 2.03A or meets or medically equals the criteria of 2.03B2.03C2.04A, or 2.04B because your disability is based on criteria other than those in the statutory definition of blindness.

Lastly, below are references for your review:

SSR 07-01p (

2.00-Special Senses and Speech-Adult (

Social Security defintion of blindness

Disability Det – GH+RF 2.2 VF Reliable


Also included is the document on the  Federal Register: Schedule for Rating Disability, VA C&P:

Federal Register 11_10_2008

Dr. Lewerenz’s presentation provided a great in-depth overview of statutory blindness and Disability determination. Dr. Lewerenz offered his email contact info for any additional questions you may have. However, for VA specific question, please direct your questions to and

Thank you again for participating.