Artificial Intelligence (AI) Outreach

Dec 23, 2021 | Optometry HQ Announcements

VA Optometry colleagues:

As many of you know, healthcare is in the midst of revolutionary changes.  This includes changes in the infrastructure of healthcare delivery within VA.  At the forefront, is the development of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline clinical processes and provide more efficient and effective health care to our veterans. AI will enhance experiences for both providers and patients. This will improve patient outcomes through virtual patient care, facilitate more accurate and efficient diagnoses, enhance medical imaging interpretation, and help predict outcomes.


VACO Optometry is seeking an individual with experience in AI who also has as a research background to serve on a team to develop, guide and enhance Optometry AI.  This is an exciting time with far reaching implications to improving healthcare delivery to our Veterans.


If you have experience or expertise, please reply to Ms. Gernhart with a copy of your CV.





Rex Ballinger, OD FAAO


Member, OEHRM EyeCare Council

VISN 5 Optometry Consultant

Member, VACO Optometry National Field Advisory Board

Chair, VACO Optometry Service, Electronic Medical Records/Information Technology Subcommittee

Attending Optometrist, VAMHCS

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10 North Greene St.

Baltimore, MD 21201

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