Additional Information Regarding VS GUI Release 1.7.12 and VistA Patch SD*5*3*796 and Impact to Patient Indicated Date when Rescheduling Cancelled by Patient and No-Show Appointments

Jan 14, 2022 | Optometry HQ Announcements

Attachment: VS GUI Release 1.7.12 and VIstA Patch 5.3 796 final Attachment A

  1. The Office of Veterans Access to Care (OVAC) would like to provide the following guidance regarding recent scheduling software updates that occurred as part of VS GUI Released 1.7.12 of VS GUI and Emergency VistA patch SD*5.3*796. These changes are specifically impacting rescheduled appointments that were initially cancelled by patient or no-showed.
  2. The updates released as part of these patches included the following:
    1. Changes in the ability to capture a new Patient Indicated Date (PID) for cancelled by patient and no shows in certain scenarios. Attachment A below outlines the current options to edit the PID, for cancelled by patient and no-show appointments that are rescheduled.
    2. Options within the VS GUI Appointment Check-in window
    3. New fields in the Clinic Set-up option in VistA
  3. At this time OVAC is working with the Office of Information Technology (OI&T) to create a software solution to allow for an updated Patient Indicated Date (PID) to be captured at the time of rescheduling appointments that were cancelled by patient or no-showed to be consistent with scheduling guidance as outlined in VHA Directive 1230. The system update is expected to be available March 2022.
  4. In the interim, staff rescheduling appointments that were initially cancelled by patient or no-showed should follow the guidance outlined in Attachment A for the appropriate process on how to manage the rescheduling and auditing for appointment cancelled by patient and no-showed, while ensuring to apply the correct process to determine community care eligibility. Ideally, these appointments should be rescheduled at the time of cancellation in VS GUI.
  5. Review Attachment A, which provides an overview of the updates highlighted above and the process considerations, as a result of the system changes made.
  6. Please report any VS GUI issues related to this patch release by entering a Your IT Ticket with attention to Scheduling Support ServiceNow group.
  7. Should you have any questions related to this announcement, please contact the OVAC Clinic Practice Management (CPM) team at


Thank you,

Mia Powers-Higgins, MHA

Director, Clinic Practice Management

Access (formerly known as the Office of Veterans Access to Care) Office

VA Central Office

810 Vermont Ave NW. Washington, D.C.