Memorandum “COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation Process for New Health Care Personnel”.

032922 –COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation Process for New Health Care Personnel


  1. The purpose of this memorandum is to outline the process by which documentation of COVID-19 vaccination status or reasonable accommodation requests for new Health Care Personnel (HCP) employees are uploaded into the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Light Electronic Action Framework (LEAF) Vaccination Portal.


  1. After selection, covered applicants must provide proof of vaccination to USA Staffing or notify VA Human Resources of a request for reasonable accommodation. To comply with the departmental mandate, this information must also be entered in the VA LEAF Vaccination Portal. Routing this information internally will result in less administrative burden on the new hire, reduce duplicative efforts, and expedite compliance with reporting requirements.


  1. This process provides supplemental guidance for Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO)Bulletin, SUBJECT: Applying Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Requirements for New Hires –Executive Order 14043 – AMENDED, by having the hiring official/supervisor populate new hire data in LEAF. This process applies to all new HCP hires.


  1. Human Resources and supervisory staff process responsibilities are outlined below:


  1. Applicant uploads proof of vaccination in USA Staffing or notifies HR specialist of request for an accommodation
  1. Staffing specialist verifies accuracy and completeness of provided documentation. Please see: OCHCO-Bulletin: Applying Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Requirements for New Hires (Amended) 2-7-22
  1. Staffing specialist provides HCP’s proof of vaccination / request for an accommodation to hiring official
  1. Hiring official/supervisor enters HCP’s information and vaccine proof or the accommodation request in LEAF within 14 days of start date.  Please see: LEAF Community – Tutorials for Supervisors for job aids for completing this in LEAF.  For reasonable accommodation requests, supervisors should also update LEAF with the final decision when adjudication is complete.  NOTE: In some cases, the reasonable accommodation may be fully adjudicated prior to the employee job offer or start date, in those cases, hiring officials/supervisors must still document the request for an exception and the final decision in the LEAF system.



  1. This process applies to all HCPs hired December 19, 2021 and forward.


  1. Human Resources staff may contact Randy Spahos at with questions about this memorandum.