VA-TRE Facility Registration Multiple Professions – Q2 Meet and Greets w/ VA Trainees for 2023 Staff Positions

Jan 10, 2023 | Optometry HQ Announcements

VA-TRE Registration Checklist FY23


The VHA Trainee Recruitment Event (VA-TRE) team is excited to announce that facility registration links are now open for our FY23 Q2 online meet-and-greet recruiting events! The majority of our candidates will be current VHA trainees seeking positions for start dates later in 2023 when they complete their training programs.


Facilities who want to participate should:

  • Register your positions that you would like to recruit for at the links for each profession by January 24, in order to receive applications from interested current and former VA trainee/resident/fellow candidates nationwide for online meet-and-greets and interviews.
  • The attached checklist includes the information that you will need to register for your site. The online form does not allow you to save and come back, so we recommend gathering your information before you begin.
  • Registrations may be submitted by service lines OR by your preferred HR point of contact
  • ***If multiple departments at your site are recruiting in the same profession, you may register for your own service line/ department and the full site listings will then be rolled up by VA-TRE.


* NOTE: These are the only events for VA trainees in these professions that will be held in FY23 – sites interested in recruiting these trainees should participate at this time or will need to wait until January 2024 to participate again.


VA Trainee Candidate Registration for these VA trainees will open on February 1 once we have compiled the full list of registered sites. Trainee Candidate registration will be open from February 1 – 14, 2023  – the links for candidates will be sent out at that time to this audience with a list of all registered locations for 2023 meet-and-greets. Your local trainees may register at that time even if your site is not currently recruiting, in order to find openings at other VA locations. Both paid and unpaid, rotating or long-term, current and former VA trainees are eligible to participate. Current and former VA health professions trainees in these and any other professions who would like to add themselves to our email list for recruitment event outreach may do so at this link at any time: Register for VA Trainee Candidate Mailing List


More VA-TRE Info Below: click links to jump to each section








What are VA-Trainee Recruitment Events (VA-TRE)?


  • Purpose: Through VA-TRE, VA connects interested current and former VA trainees who want to continue their careers at VA with VA locations who want to hire our trainees for staff positions.


  • Time frame: This VA-TRE Q2 meet and greet and interview period runs from February 27 – April 7, 2023. Facilities are seeking candidates who will become available for 2023 start dates.


  • Who? This event is dedicated to current and former VA health professions trainees- both paid and unpaid trainees are eligible to participate. Please note: the majority of applications that TRE receives will be from current VA trainees and fellows, and as a result, many will be applying now seeking positions for summer/ early fall 2023.  If your positions are only open to former trainees who are available to start immediately, they may not be suitable for this event. TRE is encouraging facilities who have ongoing regular vacancies to forecast your open positions for summer/early fall 2023 so that VA can make offers to these VA trainees before they start to receive early job offers from our private sector healthcare competitors.  Candidates not available to start until 2024 should wait for next year’s events.


  • Candidate Registration:  Register – when candidate registration opens, trainee candidates will be asked to provide contact info, availability date, a CV/ resume, and to select the registered locations you would like to meet with.


  • Connecting:  VA-TRE connects trainees with their chosen sites who will schedule a brief initial meet and greet (online, by phone, or face-to-face if you are local) and facilities can then decide to proceed with interviewing and making early job offers to their interested candidates.


  • Facility Obligations: By signing up, facilities are agreeing to hold brief meet and greets with the VA trainees who register as interested in their locations. Following meet and greets, sites may proceed to interview and make offers to top candidates that meet their local staffing needs, using the full range of streamlined hiring flexibilities available. Facilities are not obligated to interview or make offers to any candidates after meet-and-greets, if they choose not to.


What are VA-TRE Meet and Greets?

    • 10-15 minute initial conversations between the facility hiring manager or relevant sub-specialty team member and the interested candidate, conducted by phone, Teams or Web-Ex calls, and/or in-person for local candidates. This is a less-formal chance for trainees to hear more about the open positions and practice life at the facility and for candidates to share more about their career interests and goals. Facilities with large candidate pools may schedule online group meet-and-greets with small groups of their candidate pool to meet the timeline.
    • After meet-and-greets, facilities can decide to schedule interviews and make job offers to interested candidates for staff positions to begin after trainees have completed their programs.


Contingent Offer Deadline: The majority of our trainees are meeting with multiple VA locations. We set the offer deadline so that they can decide at around the same time if they receive multiple VA job offers. Sites issuing late offers may find that their top candidates have already accepted positions elsewhere.


Preparing Your Local Trainees: Candidate registration links will go out on February 1, 2023 , and candidates (current and former VA trainees) can begin preparing and updating their resumes/ CVs to be ready to register when that goes live. They will have two weeks to complete their registration and choose their top sites to be matched to for a preliminary meet-and-greet (see timeline below). We will share candidate registration information with this audience, in addition to our email list of trainees, to be sure that your local trainees are notified at that time.



When completing your facility registration forms: there is not a “save” button to come back and finish the registration at a later time.  Please use the attached checklist to help collect the information you will need in order to complete your facility registration. If you need more than 5 slots for your site’s positions, you may either register multiple times, or email your additional positions to the TRE Event Coordinator (See the attached checklist for what to send for add-on positions) Please contact you have any general questions about TRE events. Thank you!


Q2 Facility Registration Links:


Profession Link to Register Your Positions
Blind Rehab Specialists
LPMHC (Mental Health Counselors)
Marriage & Family Therapists
Nurse Practitioners (all specialties/ depts)
Occupational Therapists
Orthotics/ Prosthetics
Physical Therapists
Physician Assistants (all specialties/ depts)
Social Workers (all specialties/ depts)
Speech Pathology


Q2 VATRE Event Timeline


Facility Registration: January 10 – January 24, 2023

Trainee Candidate Registration: February 1 – February 14, 2023

Facilities Receive Their Candidate Lists: no later than by COB Feb. 24, 2023

Meet and Greets:  February 27 – March 10, 2023

Interviews:  March 13 – March 31, 2023

Extend all contingent offers by April 7, 2023

VA-TRE Notifies Non-Selected Trainees:  April 10, 2023




  • FY23Q3: Events for Psychology (Spring), Dietitians (2023 candidates), NEW! – Pharmacy


    • Facility Registration: March 1 – 15, 2023
    • Trainee Candidate Registration: March 21 – April 3, 2023


  • FY23 Physicians (rolling): NEW! Physician Residents and Fellows (all specialties for 2023 start dates) – Rolling courtesy referrals of VA physician trainee candidate CVs to hiring managers at their locations of interest for potential outreach, as well as connecting them to a VA recruiter who can assist with their VA job search. If you have local physician trainees who want to work with a VA recruiter, they can sign up at: Register for VA Trainee Candidate Mailing List
  • FY23 (CRNAs and RN Residents): NEW! CRNA Trainees and RN residents – based on feedback from prior events, instead of a meet-and-greet-style one-time event for registered nurse residents seeking to relocate, VA-TRE will offer rolling courtesy referrals of VA RN resident candidate resumes directly to the nurse recruiters at their locations of interest for potential outreach. If you have local RN residents planning to relocate who want to be sure they receive all of the information on connecting with nurse recruiters, they can sign up at: Register for VA Trainee Candidate Mailing List


VA Trainees (all professions) – How Can They Join the Mailing List for Future VA-TRE Events?


  • Current and former VA health professions trainees in any healthcare profession who would like to add themselves to our email list for future recruitment event outreach may do so at this link at any time: Register for VA Trainee Candidate Mailing List


General Info on Recruiting Your Own Local Trainees (all healthcare professions)


  • The healthcare recruitment market is growing increasingly competitive and our private sector competitors have already started to sign contracts for 2023 positions with current trainees. VHA wants to retain our top trainees, so now is the time to begin thinking about your future hiring needs and whether you are interested in adding your current trainees as future permanent members of your team.


  • You are not required to use a VA-TRE event to select your own local trainees, but some sites choose to do so, to standardize their recruitment process if they will also be considering other VA trainees. If this will be your system, please be sure to notify your local trainees that they should choose your site when they register to participate and be sure to pass along the candidate link to your local trainees.




  • If you are a facility and have HR questions about how to make an early contingent offer or hire any of your own local trainees at any time, you or your local staff/ HR can reach out to to be connected with a subject matter expert.


Looking forward to an excellent FY23 VA Trainee Recruiting season!


Amy Loveridge (She/ Her)

VHA Health Professions Trainee Recruitment Event Coordinator

Senior Human Resources Consultant

VHA National Recruitment Service

Workforce Recruitment and Retention Service (WRRS)

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Workforce Management and Consulting (10A6)

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