Share w/ Local Trainees: DUE FEB 14 – Register for VA Recruitment Meet and Greet Event for 2023 Positions

Feb 1, 2023 | Optometry HQ Announcements

Even if your site is not currently recruiting, your current and former trainees may sign up to meet with other VA locations. 

To ensure that our trainees all receive this information, this is being shared with a wide internal audience. We rely on YOU to get the word out to our VA trainees about VA positions, as we do not have a central contact method to reach them all. We will also be sharing this information with our national Trainee Event Mailing List later today, but to be sure we reach the widest possible audience and don’t miss any interested candidates, we appreciate your also passing this along!



Register by February 14:  Candidate registration is now open for VA’s Winter 2023 online Trainee Recruitment Events (VA-TRE) to connect current and former VA trainees with VA facilities who are interested in hiring them for 2023 staff positions after they finish their programs. More detailed information for applicants is below.


Your local trainees may participate even if your site is not currently recruiting, to learn about openings at other VA sites.


This quarter, our online meet-and-greet event is for jobs open in 2023 (links will take you to the online registration forms for each profession.



Candidate Registration Links: Winter Trainee Recruitment Event
Profession Trainee Registration Link
Blind Rehab Specialists
Mental Health Counselors/ Marriage & Family Therapists:
Nurse Practitioners (in VA Residencies)
Occupational Therapy
Orthotics/ Prosthetics:
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistants
Social Workers
Speech Language Pathology



*VA trainees in other professions, or who are interested in positions after 2023, who would like to be added to our mailing list for future events can sign up for the email list at this link.




The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is excited to open registration for our online recruitment and hiring event for current and former VA trainees interested in VA staff positions with start dates in 2023. We have locations nationwide interested in speaking with you!


Registration is easy! When you register, you will provide:


  • the month and year that you expect to be available to start your new position
  • Choose the participating locations that interest you
  • Wish List – if there are other VA sites not on the list that interest you, we will connect you to a recruiter when new positions become available
  • Your contact info
  • A CV or resume (please include your last name in your file name)


When you register and submit a CV or resume, in late February you will be connected with the sites’ local team who will schedule an online or phone meet-and-greet to discuss your career goals and practice life at their location. After their meet-and-greets, facilities can proceed to scheduling interviews and making job offers to their top interested candidates for after they complete their programs. If you would like the full printable list of the registered sites to help make your decisions, please email and request the TRE location list and she will be glad to send it to you in Word so that you can review the full list of locations before you register.


What are VA-Trainee Recruitment Events (VA-TRE)?

  • Purpose: Through VA-TRE, VA connects interested current and former trainees who want to continue their careers at VA with locations who want to hire our trainees.
  • Time frame: This VA-TRE meet and greet and interview period runs from February 27 – April 7, 2023. Facilities are seeking candidates who will become available for 2023.
  • Who? This event is dedicated to current and former VA trainees.
  • Registration:  Register via the links above- you will be asked to provide your contact info, availability date (month/ year), a CV/ resume, and to select the locations you would like to meet with.
  • Connecting:  VA-TRE connects you with your chosen sites for a brief initial meet and greet (online, by phone, or face-to-face if you are local) and facilities can decide to proceed with interviewing and making job offers to their interested candidates.


What are Meet and Greets?

  • 10- 15-minute initial conversations between the facility and the interested candidate, conducted by phone, MS Teams or Web-Ex calls, and/or in-person for local candidates. This is a chance for you to hear more about their open positions and practice life at their facility and for them to learn more about your career interests and goals.
  • After meet-and-greets, facilities can decide to schedule interviews and make job offers to interested candidates for staff positions to begin after trainees have completed their programs.


What are some benefits of working for the VA?

In addition to the rewards of serving our nation’s Veterans alongside a talented team of healthcare providers, federal employees are entitled to many benefits including generous vacation time, health, vision, dental and life insurance, free professional liability protection, family care and sick leave, pensions and retirement investment accounts with matching funds, and when applicable, education loan repayment and ongoing professional training funding.


Contact Information

Should you have any general questions about the TRE process or a VA recruitment issue, please contact the VA Trainee Recruitment Team at or you can reach out directly to our registration coordinator, Amy Loveridge, Senior HR Consultant, at if you need assistance with your application.