ACOE Calls for Comments and Important Updates – please review and reply by September 3, 2023

Jul 20, 2023 | Optometry HQ Announcements

The Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) relies on the input of the public and stakeholders within the profession to ensure the academic quality and continuous improvement of optometric education that reflect the contemporary practice of optometry.

The Council asks for help from you – please thoroughly review the information linked below and submit any comments you may have to by the deadline of September 3, 2023.

This communication addresses three TOPICS:

  1. Comprehensive Standards Review
    1. Call for Comments – draft Professional Optometric Degree Program Accreditation Standards/Glossary Terms
    2. Call for Comments – draft Optometric Residency Program Accreditation Standards/Glossary Terms
  2. Accreditation of Optometric Technician Programs
    1. Informational – notice of ACOE decision to defer its phase-out of accreditation of Optometric Technician Programs
    2. Call for Comments – Policy and Procedure addressing timing of the Comprehensive Standards Review process for Optometric Technician Programs.
  3. Updates Related to COVID-19 flexibilities
    1. Informational – approved changes to ACOE Professional Optometric Degree Standard, relating to program visits to externship sites, effective October 7, 2023, and
    2. Informational – other updates related to COVID-19.



Interested parties are invited to submit comments regarding proposed changes to Accreditation Standards and Glossary Definitions for

  1. Professional Optometric Degree Programs, including those for programs seeking the ACOE’s Preliminary Approval status [Please note “Topic 1a” when submitting comments]
  2. Optometric Residency Programs [Please note “Topic 1b” when submitting comments]


Links to review:

  • TOPIC 1 Memorandum from Dr. G. Timothy Petito, ACOE Chair, describing the process and proposed changes



The ACOE is notifying the public and the communities of interest of its decision to defer its phase-out of ACOE accreditation of Optometric Technician Programs. In addition, the Council is proposing changes to the timeframe within which it must begin the comprehensive Standards review process for Accreditation Standards applicable to Optometric Technician Programs. Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments regarding the proposed changes to the Policy and Procedure.


Link to review:

  • TOPIC 2 Memorandum from Dr. G. Timothy Petito, ACOE Chair, that is informational with respect to the ACOE’s decision on its continued accreditation of optometric technician programs and a call for comments [Please note “Topic 2” when submitting comments] regarding proposed changes to is Revisions of Accreditation Standards Policy and Procedure.



The ACOE is notifying the public and communities of interest of approved changes to Professional Optometric Degree Program Standard, which relates to externship site visits and will become effective October 7, 2023. The communication also provides other updates related to the end date of COVID-19-related flexibilities.


Link to review:


Information related to the Calls for Comments is also published on the ACOE’s website.


The ACOE will consider comments received at its Fall Meeting scheduled October 27-29, 2023.


Please submit any comments by September 3, 2023 to