Tele-Eye Care/TECS – Modifications Completed to Allow 407/408 Telehealth Matches

Aug 8, 2023 | Optometry HQ Announcements

Attention Optometrists that serve as a reader within the TECS Program!

From today’s Tele Eye Community of Practice call:


TECS:  Discussion of a new fix that ensures providers are capturing workload under the appropriate provider-type category (Optometrists should use a reader clinic built with 408 clinic stop;  Ophthalmologists should use a reader clinic built with 407 clinic stop)


    • Reason for fix:  at some TECS sites, due to the patient side clinics being built under the Ophthalmology clinic stop of 407,  optometrists were asked to document their work under a 407 (ophthalmology) reader clinic;  the new fix allows readers to use a clinic built with their appropriate clinic stop, regardless of whether patient side clinic used was 407 or 408.  This ensures provider’s workload is being captured under their respective service line.
    • If you are a TECS reader that has been in this situation…and if a reader clinic was not built at implementation with your appropriate clinic stop, you (or your site lead/director) may need to request the clinic be built.


Please work with your local MCAO and Clinical Informatics service lines to make the necessary changes to ensure your reader clinic is aligned under Optometry Stop Code 408. 


Your site may also wish to consider use of CHAR4 codes to further delineate the type of provider staffing the reader clinic.



Jeanette Carbone Varanelli, OD, FAAO, Dipl. ABO, ABCMO

Senior Advisor for Optometry, Acting Program Executive Director


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