Allocation trend report from OAA Q1 FY24

Dec 13, 2023 | Optometry HQ Announcements

Hello National Program Office Liaisons,

The new allocation trend report we reviewed and discussed in this month’s quarterly meeting is now available for use. We greatly appreciate everyone’s input on this report. Based on your feedback we have added additional features such as the ability to filter by Grade/level, ability to view base positions by a specified academic year and a legend with data descriptions. We hope you will find this report useful and please provide any additional feedback to the AHE team.

Below is additional information about this new report:

Name of Report: Multi-Year Allocation Utilization/Fill Report (By Profession and Grade)

How can I use this report? This report can be used as one tool for assessing the fill rates for a particular profession per facility over a 5-year timeframe.

How do I access the report? The report can be accessed from the OAA Support Center. After you log-in to the support center, click on the reports button, then click on the VISN and National Program Office section.

Where is this data pulled from? The data is DEO self-reported data received during the annual verification reporting process. The data shown in the report reflects the “base” versus “DEO filled” for the academic year.

Feel free to reach out to the AHE team with any questions.