Reminder for low vision/TBI clinic poll

Dec 18, 2023 | Optometry HQ Announcements

We are asking ODs to enter in their information if they are conducting any level of Low vision or TBI exam from the basic clinics within the optometry service up through the different continuums of care levels.  We are concentrating on the primary care clinics as there are many ODs conducting these exams even though they are limited in their time and/or support staff.   Working with the DOD/VCE to improve access to the eye clinics includes being able to locate clinics that have ODs that are performing these exams.  Please fill in as much as possible.   If you have already completed the previous poll you do not need to do so again; if you have not previously complete or are unsure please complete.   Thank You!

Lisa Chan-Oconnell

Optometry specialty poll