The following standing committees, with the exception of the Executive Committee, shall have its members appointed from the membership by the President and will be specifically assigned duties by and shall report to the Board periodically as determined by the President or a quorum majority of the Board. Committee appointments are made by the President during election years (every odd-numbered year) and are for two year renewable terms.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the business of the NAVAO and advises the President on all policy matters of the Association. The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

  • Molly McGinty-Tauren, O.D., FAAO (President)
  • Jarett Mazzarella, O.D., FAAO (Vice-President)
  • Megan Tomsik, O.D., FAAO (Secretary)
  • Andrew Crist, O.D., FAAO (Treasurer)
  • Kevin J. Mercado, O.D., FAAO (Immediate Past-President)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors funds and assists the Treasurer in the collection and disbursements of funds. The committee also projects future financial demands and sources for the Association.

  • Andrew Crist, O.D., FAAO (Treasurer and Chair)
  • Molly McGinty-Tauren, O.D., FAAO (Executive Committee Liaison)
  • Heather Demarco, O.D., FAAO

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee recommends means for membership retention and growth and monitors pertinent data about the membership.

  • Katherine Wang, O.D., FAAO (Membership Director and Chair)
  • Jennifer L. Monarrez, O.D. (Vice-Chair)
  • Jarett Mazzarella, O.D., FAAO (Executive Committee Liason)
  • Nancy Shenouda-Awad, O.D., FAAO
  • Catherine Chiu, O.D.
  • Jennifer Fairbanks, O.D.
  • Shanelle Jenkins, O.D.
  • Erika Jones, O.D.
  • Samantha Kamo, O.D.
  • Tamseela Khan, O.D.
  • Gayle LePosa, O.D.
  • Mark Marquez, O.D.
  • Kristin McDougall, O.D., FAAO
  • Lori (Mandy) Pennington, O.D.
  • Hilary Price, O.D., FAAO
  • Kelly Richmond-Revy, O.D., FAAO
  • Heather Spampinato, O.D., FAAO
  • Julia Terry, O.D.
  • Nina T. Tran, O.D.
  • Christine Tran, O.D.
  • Tiffany Tucker, O.D.
  • Jade Walker, O.D., FAAO

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and overseeing all NAVAO functions, including the annual NAVAO Business Meeting and Reception

  • Nancy Shenouda-Awad, O.D., FAAO (Chair)
  • Sarah Dieter, O.D., FAAO  
  • Carla Gilbertson, O.D., FAAO (Executive Committee Liaison)
  • Carrie Ho, O.D., FAAO
  • Sara Bokan, O.D.
  • Christopher Bugajski, O.D., FAAO
  • Heather Spampinato, O.D., FAAO
  • Katherine Wang, O.D., FAAO

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for maintaining a formal communications link with the membership and assists the Newsletter Editor with publishing the quarterly NAVAO Newsletter.

  • Lisa Beard, O.D, FAAO (Newsletter Editor and Chair)
  • Molly McGinty-Tauren, OD, FAAO (Executive Committee Liaison)
  • Megan Carter, O.D.
  • Hyewon Chang, O.D., FAAO
  • Kristi Cheung, O.D.
  • Brett Garee, O.D., FAAO
  • Danielle Kalberer, O.D., FAAO
  • Anju Kanikunnel, O.D., FAAO
  • Michelle Nguyen, O.D.
  • Shradha Parikh, O.D.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is responsible for communicating with the membership via online technology. The Committee will maintain the NAVAO website, make suggestions for its improvement or enhancement, and conduct events requiring technological support as directed by the Executive Committee.

  • Tran Nguyen, O.D., FAAO (Director of Technology and Chair)
  • Kevin J. Mercado, O.D., FAAO (Executive Committee Liaison)
  • Matthew Beard, O.D., FAAO
  • Alvaro Castillo, O.D., FAAO
  • Susan Zacatelco, O.D., FAAO
  • Cathy Zou, O.D.

Technology Sub-Committee on Continuing Education

  • Amber Louprasong, O.D., FAAO (Coordinator)
  • Angella Gentry, O.D., FAAO
  • Elizabeth Lemos, O.D., FAAO
  • Laura Perron, O.D.

Residency Committee

The residency committee is responsible for the promotion of VA residency programs and to keep the Board abreast of issues pertinent to the residency system.

  • Guadalupe Mejia, O.D., FAAO (Co-Chair)
  • Jennifer Tong, O.D., FAAO (Co-Chair)
  • Amara Callahan, O.D.
  • Yangdi Chen, O.D.
  • Kenneth Chung, O.D.
  • Candace Greenough, O.D.
  • Allicia Kelly, O.D., FAAO
  • Shelly Kim, O.D., FAAO
  • Ethan Leyda, O.D.
  • Shephali Patel, O.D., FAAO
  • Roxanne Senechal, O.D., FAAO

Professional Relations Committee

The professional relations committee is responsible for monitoring matters pertinent to the Association relative to professional groups to include: AOA, ACOE, AFOS, AAO, ABCMO, NBEO, ARBO, NOA and ASCO.

  • Robert Binkley, O.D., FAAO (Chair)
  • Christopher Bugajski, O.D., FAAO
  • Catherine Dardenne, O.D., FAAO
  • Jennifer Elder, O.D., FAAO
  • Shanelle Jenkins Sanchez , O.D.
  • Michelle Lee, O.D., FAAO
  • Sonal Pandya, O.D., FAAO
  • Nathan Rock, O.D., FAAO
  • Brian Snydsman, O.D., FAAO
  • Andrew Ta, O.D., FAAO