Contact Lens Workgroup

HQ Optometry Specialty Contact Lens Workgroup

The HQ Optometry Specialty Contact Lens Group is open to all VA optometrists.

The group was created to communicate issues and share ideas among VA optometrists that are involved in Specialty CL care.

If you are interested in joining the HQ Optometry Specialty Contact Lens group, please send an email directly to Ms. Kathleen Gernhart. Once you are added to the group, general CL questions may be posted for the members of the group to view and reply to.

Sangita Vadapalli, OD (MEDVAMC) & Joan Sears, OD (SBYVAMC)

Memo for Contact Lens Follow-ups  Posted 9-21-2017

Here is the original memo concerning contact lens follow ups for your review.  It is recommended that you have clinics set up for those patients with the one of the modifiers given.

DSS Identifiers for Contact lens Services (memorandum)


Specialty Contact Lens Guides Posted 2-4-2014

These documents are intended to be a guide for VA optometrists that perform contact lens examinations. Please keep in mind that some of the information is generalized and may not apply to your respective VA facility:

Contact Lens Consent Form

Contact Lens Follow-up Agreement
Contact lens training tools
Disinfection and Re-Processing of Diagnostic Contact Lenses
Patient Education – Hard Contact Lenses
Patient Education – Soft Contact Lenses
Facts About Scleral Lenses
Setting Up Contact Lens Orders Through Prosthetics or Other Departments
Staff Training Related To Contact Lenses

For questions, please contact Joan Sears ( ) or Sangita Vadapalli (

Contact Lens Vendors Posted 1-22-2014

Below is a list of contact lens vendors that are associated with the VA and the company contact information. If you have any new vendors to add to the list, please contact Joan Sears (  or Sangita Vadapalli ( and they will add to the list:
Contact Lens Vendors