Optometry HQ Announcements

Health Professionals Education Week

Health Professionals Education Week.pdf Please see the above link of an announcement from Secretary McDonough regarding Health Professions Education Week to be held annually during the 3rd week of March. During this week, they are asking all VAMCs, VA DEOs, and...

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Updated Eligibility Links for Education Recruitment Materials

A link to the “Am I Eligible” Checklist has been updated recently. OAA is reorganizing much of the online material to ensure less redundancy and increased streamlining. Please share these updated links with your training directors. Also included is our general...

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COVID-19 Dual Compensation Waiver Extension Guidance for VHA

On, December 29, 2021, the Office of Personnel Management extended the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) delegated authority under the provisions of 5 CFR 553.202 and 5 USC 8344 and 8468 to waive the salary off-set when necessary to reemploy a Civil Service...

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