Promotion Guide Update (08/28/18)

per VA Handbook 5007/42, SAAs/SAPs are no longer being excluded as ‘equivalent increases’….

Why does that matter?  Only step increases that are considered ‘equivalent increases’ can alter the date of your next WIGI (in other words, when you receive an equivalent increase, even if you were due for a WIGI the next month, it will push your WIGI out another 52wks/2yrs).

VA Handbook used to specifically state that SAAs and SAPs could not be considered equivalent increases, but now that language has been deleted.  If you get an SAA or SAP, just be aware that it will alter the date of your next WIGI.

If you are due for a WIGI soon, but you have been planning to put in for a SAA, you may wish to wait until you receive the WIGI before requesting the SAA.  Or you can request an SAP (which is used in conjunction with a WIGI).

See VA Handbook 5007/42, Part III, Chapter 5, section (1)(h):