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      TBI Workgroup

This workgroup meets on Microsoft Teams the third Monday, every other month, with COPE and ACCME accredited webinars on topics related to TBI vision rehabilitation. Documents and recordings are also available on the MS Teams group in the Files section.

To join the email list and MS Teams group please email Candice.Rice@va.gov or Rachael.Lloyd@va.gov

Upcoming Webinar Topics and Neurotrauma Monthly Virtual Conference Links:

Nonorganic Vision Loss and its Differential Diagnoses 09/18/2023

This program will begin by defining nonorganic vision loss (NOVL). A case report will be presented to help one recognize the signs of NOVL. Then, several relevant differential diagnoses and their corresponding ancillary tests will be discussed. In addition, proper management and follow-up protocols will be covered once a diagnosis of NOVL has been established.

TMS ID VA 131009668; 1 Credit/Hours; AccreditationsJA IPCE, ACCME, ACCME-NP, COPE                                                                                                                                                                  VA employees may receive CE credit through the talent management system (TMS) by registering prior to the start of the program, attending, & completing the evaluation within 15 days after training.

The purpose of this virtual, knowledge-based training series is to address brain injury and amplify ideas supporting the complex heterogeneity of neurotrauma and those it affects.
Date: Monthly at 4:30 p.m. ET – sign up through the TMS at the above link (click on title)

Credits/Hours: 1.5  –  Accreditation(s): ACCME, ACCME-NP, ANCC, APA, APTA, JA ICPE 

TBI Documents and Links:

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TBI Conference Call Documents from 03/23/2015:
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Use of Contact Lenses in MTBI Photophobia

TBI Conference Documents from 07/21/2014:
TBI Vision Rehabilitation Cases

TBI Conference Documents from 05/19/2014:
Vision Rehab Lecture
Vision Rehab Equipment

Information from VCE posted 8-13-2015

Clinical Recommendation for the Eye Care Provider
Algorithm cards for providers
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Eye Vision Care Attachment

Literature Review
 posted 9-16-2014

Attached is the start of a 2013-2014 literature review for those of you who are interested in TBI vision dysfunction research. My intent is to keep this search going and eventually compile a resource (by year, title, author and topic) that is accessible for all VA ODs. The attached review is for 2013-2014 only. Past articles will be added when I have time. Future articles will be added as I review them for relevance. If you find one that I missed and think it would be interesting to add, please send me the link or journal info and I will add it.

Don’t forget: those of you who are AOA members can access the Brain Injury Electronic Resource Manual on line at the AOA web site. If you have any suggestions for this manual please feel free to contact me about it.

Literature Search – TBI and Vision Dysfunction 2013-14

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