Question: Does anyone have any useful resources or study tips for the ACMO exam?

A little history on the exam and medical Optometry in the VA. (

Compiled Exam Tips:

  • I reviewed Wills Eye mostly and did very well. I think if you work at a VA you really will do great without any major studying. Good luck!
  • I took it 2-3 years ago, I borrowed one of the KMK book from one of our externs they were using to study for boards.  I thought it provided a good review of everything. Best wishes on the exam… it really wasn’t bad.
  • I took ACMO ~4-5 years ago, I found it to be very similar to cases seen at the VA. I studied Wills Eye Manual and Kanski exclusively and passed. However, this was quite some time ago. Best of luck
  • No doubt you are looking for advice regarding content however I would take this a different direction: It is a long test.  I recommend the person(s) taking it make sure to have a good night’s sleep, bring a snack that would not overly affect the glycemic load, and have water available.
  • I passed easily with minimal preparation several years ago. I felt the exam was tailored to VA optometry. If pressed, I would suggest reviewing Wills or similar to review first line and second line pharmacy treatment options for conditions you are least familiar with. Nothing too rare.
  • I took the test several years ago and read and studied Wills eye manual front to back and an ophthalmology general review book (forgot the name of it.)  I passed with no problems.
  • I used mostly NBEO study material to prepare for the ACMO exam.
  • I felt the exam was extremely useful for me to learn / refresh on areas which do not represent my clinical areas of strong comfort – e.g., anterior segment conditions I did not commonly see at VA. I reviewed globally w/ Mass Eye & Wills.  Then, I focused on areas of weakness in Yanoff Ophthalmology.
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