Question: What is your policy for accepting outside (private care) glasses orders, specifically for patients that have not gone through VA or Choice? If you do accept them, do the patients go straight to optical or are you involved with placing the order?

27 responses

Yes: 20 responses that they did fill outside prescriptions – within those 20:

  • 2 stipulated that the outside exam was required to be reviewed
  • 3 wrote an additional note to go along with the order
  • 5 had to input a consult/order or at least sign off on orders completed by techs or optical
  • 3 provided an acuity or refraction double check
  • 1 stated that starting soon, the policy was shifting to no outside orders
  • The rest included no additional comment or that the patient was able to go directly to optical

No: 7 answered that no, only VA and choice prescriptions were filled

  • Among all of the emails were also quotes from the VHA Directive for provision of glasses (states “needed sensory-neural aids are provided to veterans, only if such veterans are otherwise receiving VA care of services” ) and the Dual Care Policy (see attached).
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