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Have you found a way to consistently get fingerprinting done well in advance of students rotations?

  • Students are first contacted 6 weeks to 4 months in advance – 8 weeks being the most common
  • Typically given a welcome packet w/ TMS instructions and various forms specific to location
  • Instructed to have courtesy prints done at any VA facility using SOI/SON to route back to their station
    • Student to bring demographic form and 2 original forms of ID (no student ID) for fingerprinting
    • One was able to be done at a local law enforcement agency, with extra red tape!
  • Prints are required to be completed a minimum of 1 week to 3 months in advance – 6 weeks most common
  • Prints can be completed no longer than 90-120 days in advance – 90 days most common
  • Many students have CPU access by start or within 1-2 days of start
  • A PIV exemption can also be given through IRM, this lasts 2 weeks and may be renewed if needed
  • Tips:
    • Usually the student is first contacted by the precepting OD. Often the student is referred to HR, an admin assistant or the Education Dept to see the process through (these relationships need to be built at each site). OD’s that follow through with the entire process sometimes have to email other departments daily to keep things moving.
    • Ask the student to CC you on all correspondence to monitor progress
    • Have student record the date of their fingerprinting to bring to PIV office to make their prints easier to locate
    • Some OD’s will personally contact the ADPAC 2 weeks in advance to ensure CPU access

How do you handle a student that can’t chart for 3 weeks? (various responses:)

  • Students do not make CPRS chart notes during their rotation
  • Arrangements made for student to see patients at local offices d/t not being allowed on VA property
  • Print last exam and have student write amendments
  • Blank exam form that student fills out
  • Observation/scribe for attending or resident until access passes
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